Clinic for outpatient with fever Fever Clinic
Outpatient care for cold-like symptoms

What is fever clinic for outpatient

What is fever clinic for outpatient

This refers to examining patients with cold symptoms such as fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat, etc. in an individually set up space rather than in a regular examination room. All patients with cold symptoms, from babies to the elderly, including not only those infected with corona but also those with fever, cough, fatigue, and other symptoms caused by colds and flu, will be treated in this outpatie. The CDC ( United States) and Ministry of Health, Labour Standards (Japan) recommends that patients with fever, respiratory symptoms, or other COVID-19 symptoms be separated from other patients seeking care. This is important to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and to protect the health of other patients and healthcare workers. By separating patients with these symptoms, healthcare facilities can reduce the risk of exposure to others and provide more targeted care to those who need it. The fever clinic is an example of a facility designed specifically to separate patients with these symptoms from others seeking care. In order to provide outpatient fever treatment, it is necessary to meet the facility standards set by the government (e.g., separate flow lines for general and outpatient fever treatment, etc.). We are equipped with a several medical air purifiers to ensure the safety of our outpatient fever clinic.

How to proceed with the examination,Consultation

※ Precautionary statement

  • The examination room is the only indoor area. The waiting area and checkout are located outside.
  • Please dress appropriately for the weather and temperature.
  • The fever outpatient clinic operates during regular clinic hours, even in the rain. Please take extra care when coming to the clinic.
  • No appointments are necessary. Patients will be seen in the order they arrive.
  • During busy times, the reception desk may need to close temporarily, even during regular consultation hours.

1Please come directly to the Fever Outpatient Clinic. No appointment is required.

2When you arrive at our clinic, please use the intercom at the entrance to call the person in charge.
If you see a line waiting for the receipt, please line up there.


3Please present your insurance card and other necessary documents at the reception desk.
If this is your first visit or if you have changed your address or phone number, we will give you a medical questionnaire to fill out.

4When you visit a healthcare provider for a COVID-19 test, influenza or cold-like symptoms , they will ask you about your medical history and examine you if necessary. They will then take samples for lab tests, which may include a nasal swab to test for COVID-19, influenza or another examination.

5If tests are performed, the physician will report the test results during the consultation.

During the visit, the healthcare provider or doctor will also provide instructions on managing your symptoms and preventing the spread of illness within your household and community. They will also advise you when to seek additional treatment if your symptoms worsen or do not improve.

6Please wait outside again after the examination. After payment and receipt of your prescription, you are done.

Main Inspection items

  • Influenza⇨Antigen only
  • COVID⇨Antigen or PCR

If you desire an antigen test
Test results are often accurate after at least 24 hours for a strong cough or sore throat without fever, and after at least 12 hours (preferably 24 hours) for a fever of 38°C (100.4 °F) For higher.
Therefore, it is advisable to wait until the above times have been met before testing.

The physician will examine the patient and, if necessary, perform the following tests.

  • RS virus
  • Human metapneumovirus
  • Group A streptococcus
  • Adenovirus

Fever Clinic Consultation Hours

The clinic is open
⇨Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday

  • From 9AM to 12PM (noon), 2PM to 5PM.
  • From 9AM to 12PM(noon).
  • 9AM to 12PM(noon), 2PM to 4PM.

*Outpatient fever clinic is open until one hour before the end of general outpatient consultation.

ONLY PEDIATRIC is available on Wednesday afternoon

No fever or No cold symptoms

  • From 2 PM to 6PM(noon)
    (School age under 15years old)
    ⇨ A female pediatrician will examine you.

If your child has cold symptoms without fever, we will accept you only from 4:30PM to 5:45PM.
Please enter through the general outpatient entrance only during the above hours.

If your child is seen on Wednesday for fever symptom, they will be seen only from 4:30PM-5:30PM in the Fever Outpatient Clinic.

Please be aware that the waiting area is outside.